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ERP Implementation Services & Configuration of Software

Unless arranged properly, even the best of materials can’t erect a stable building. Implementing proper systems and process is the right solutions to every situation. We take up this as a challenge and create a proper setting for your business processes and data to be arranged in most productive way
Agreed that you have the best business management software available in Indian market, Tally, with you; but are you confident that you are getting all the results that you expect from the system?
Many a users of Tally fail to understand exactly where the system starts to falter. Unavailability of timely and meaningful information and loss of control on user privilege are just the symptoms of the deep rooted issues.
What you need is a proper TALLY IMPLEMENTATION that is in sync with your business style. You need an expert to do this and we are there. Our methodology is explained below with a simple diagram. What we assure you is performance improvement and clarity of information when you devote your resources wholeheartedly.
Come, let’s justify your investment! Let’s implement TALLY.ERP9 properly

Customization Development & Business Specific Modules

We are designed to adapt to meet specific business challenges for your industry. Learn how you can customize Tally for your business needs
At some stage, every business faces a challenge connecting outside its four walls. The fact is existing business systems often fall short delivering this connectivity. While the right software solutions can make all the difference, there are many aspects to consider. How many solutions are required and how much to invest in them? Will the solutions that work for other businesses work the way you want them to?
We understand your situation. With flexibility at its very core, ERP Software,Tally.ERP 9 lends itself comfortably to adaptation.
It can be customised, extended and integrated right from granular levels to features, so your business can achieve higher efficiency. Example: taking the Sales feature in Tally.ERP 9 to new dimensions
Tally.ERP 9 has been developed keeping in mind that some users will require features and capabilities that are not delivered out of the box. This calls for the ability to reach out to other software applications.
The many strengths of Tally.ERP 9 also make it an ideal product for integration with other products – which calls for the ability to provide the necessary APIs for read and write.
Tally.ERP 9 as a complete business solution provides different ways to integrate data. The various API’s available in Tally are:
Tally Corporate Training for Specific Business Requirement
Tally. ERP 9 Corporate Training Programs caters to your business objectives and goals. Objectives of our corporate training is to accentuate your workforce’s core knowledge and learning processes all the while reinforcing company vision and ideology. Our Corporate training processes are very effective and efficient. In many organizations, the in house corporate training is lacking or non- existent. Our corporate training program has been designed to help the corporate face challenges and take advantage of opportunities. We provide advance training for you and your staff each coined according to their work profile and befitting the industry. A Tally expert with various industries experience and having knowledge of local Taxation Rules and Statutory compliance shall impart training.

Our corporate training program focuses on the following:
Help you build stronger teams
Encourage and improve collective collaboration
Improve decision making abilities
Improve and transcend customer service
Focus on conflict resolution techniques
Address and help your organization to use Tally at optimum

AMC Support Services On-Call Online and Onsite Support
We provide annual contracts for Tally AMC services. Through Support by experts get the most out of the software you rely on. We make Customer Happy
Tally Upgradation, Tally Password Recovery
Tally Data Recovery, Tally Debugging
Tally Training on Latest Features
Support for Customization done by us
Tally ERP .Net Training
Tally at Site Solutions
Tally Up-Dations on SMS/Email from Our Team.
Many other basic and advanced / technical supporting
Unlimited Remote Support
Unlimited Email Support
Unlimited Telephone Support
Unlimited On-Site Visits
Unlimited Risk visits
Training will be provided 8 hour per annum on our office
Providing Short key information
Providing Support for each Tally problem.
AMC cost depend on number of users and type of Business requirement

Tally Integration Capabilities


Data synchronization set-up and support

synchoronisation in tally.erp 9
If you have more than 1 location where Tally is being used and your business requires that the data entered at one location should be updated in the other location(s), you can opt for our synchronization services. We help in setting up synchronization of data
Say for example:
A branch at Goa needs to send information to its RO at Mumbai and also to the HO in Bangalore. Now this is just a click away!
A branch at Goa needs to send inventory information to a manufacturing plant at Pune come under Mumbai RO. Now in just a click the Stores Manager in Goa can share this vital information on stock position to both his RO head sitting at Mumbai and his counterpart Stores Manager at Pune plant. Again just a click away!